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Flower Cards for Healing
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Flower Cards for Healing Flower Cards for Healing
Flower Cards for Healing
Flowers cards
The 33 divine flower essences of the Master Osho's garden and the flower cards are a gift of nature to support healing, meditation and inner transformation.
Playing with the flowers cards you may discover the way of alchemy -the secrets of tuning into your own Natural Self...
How to use the flower cards?
Here are some suggestions:
• Close your eyes for a moment to be in contact with your inner self.
• Take few deep breaths, let go and relax your body with the out breath...
• Mix all the cards and spread them. You can choose to do it with the cards face down or face up.
• Choose one flower card and look at it with a soft and receptive eyes.
• Take a deep breath and invite the flower image in.
• Close your eyes and stay with the image of the flower.
• Ask yourself:
What does this flower resonate, reflect for me? What qualities?
Is there any message, sensations, feelings I receive from this flower?
• If you wish, you can move the flower card closer to your body.
Where would you like to put this flower?
It may relate especially to one of your energy centers- chakras or any other place around your body.
• Just hold the card for some moments on this place, stay still, breath into the place and watch.
• You may feel to move the card after a while to a different place.
If so, do it, stay still and watch if anything changed within you.
• You may repeat the same with more cards to deepen and complete the process.
Feel free to explore and share new ways of playfulness with the cards.
You will recieve 33 flower cards+ explaination on each flower and how to use them for healing process and meditation + a gift of cloth to spread the cards on. 
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