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Energetic Jewelry
Created by Ma Anand Sambhavya
The Energetic Jewelry filled with special flowers' vibrations from Osho's garden, are Not only Hand made beauty but used for healing, relaxation, balancing and strengthening your Aura/Energy field and your life energy.
Hanging them on your body, support deep relaxation, meditation, stregthening your immune system and prevent diseases, stimulate your creativity, provoke more light, humor and laughter in your daily life and more.
The Flower Essences of the Buddhafield have been channeled and created during the 90th at Osho's garden, by Ma Anand Sambhavya at Osho international commune in Pune, India. The Essences are the most subtle vibrations or energy bodies of different flowers, collected and preserved in pure water and brandy. They are highly charged with the vibration of the Buddhafield, inspired by the enlightened master Osho. The Buddhafield flowers bring light on the different issues that are faced by most people, on the path of love and meditation towards transformation.
The Essences work by flooding our energy bodies with the beautiful vibrations of a higher consciousness. They help to melt the tensions of the different chakras and subtle bodies, which have been created by the patterns we are still holding onto from the past. They harmonize our male and female qualities and create deep relaxation on all levels. The flowers connect us with the joy, bliss and the peace within, 'The Buddha Nature'.
These special flower essences mixes are filled in hand made glass bottles and are seald in pure hand made silver jewlery. You may choose the form of bottel you like (see photoes). Please handle carfully,  avoid hot showers with the Jewelry.
"The first time I got to know Sambhavyas' Essences was on a big conference for Breath work. I was quite excited, under high tension and suffered from culture shock. It was also unusual for me to be with so many people at the same time.
Sambhavya encouraged me to try the Anti-Stress Mix. I could feel the flowers working from the very first minute – it was like putting on a coat when you feel cold. Soon my tension was gone. I really felt protected by the flowers and even noticed it when I took the necklace off for a short time to go to the shower or to swim in the sea"  Frauke Binder from Austria 
There are 10 different formulas you can choose from, in one of the 3 bottle's form you prefer: 
This flowers' mix helps us increase our life energy by releasing tensions around sexual issues. It integrates sexual passion with the warmth of our open hearts, circulates and transforms our energy towards higher centers so we can experience the bliss and the orgasmic ecstasy of life! Recommended for couples.
This is a powerful flowers' mix to support women's femininity. It helps women to accept and enjoy their sensuality and sexuality and learn to nurture and love themselves. It helps any emotional and physical problems such as before and during menstruation, for menopause, cysts and tumors. It can be used to increase fertility and multi-orgasmic abilities. Helps women to discover the Goddess within!
This flowers' mix heals and balances the masculine principle. Helping to open the heart, clearing the mind and strengthening the back, the spine and the heart. Increasing life energy by releasing anger and bringing understanding towards father figures and authority. Balances between over doing and laziness and supports playful creativity and practicality in our life. It can be helpful for impotency. 
This formula helps to release emotional and mental tensions and relaxes and balances the nervous system. Supports clarity of mind, focusing and centering. It strengthens and protects our aura in tense and polluted environment. It can be helpful for those who have difficulty with breathing, hyperactivity, sleeping or different addiction habits. 
This Flowers' Mix is recommended for people who feel generally weak or have a tendency to illness. These essences strengthen and purify the entire immune and nervous system, as well, protecting us from environmental tension and pollution.
It increases the love towards oneself which supports the healing process.
This Flowers' mix is recommended especially while moving and traveling around. It strengthens and energizes, as well as calming and balancing our nervous system. It keeps the chakras aligned and cleans and protects from environmental pollution. It supports centering, grounding, practicality and well being. 
This Flowers' mix is recommended to be used by healers, therapists, body workers, nurses, social workers or any one who does service work with others. It strengthens and protects the aura, opens our hearts and increases the sensitivity in our hands. It aligns and keeps our chakras clean and balanced. It opens the 'Third Eye' to see the other from a higher perspective.
This Flowers' mix calms and supports meditation in our life – being relaxed yet alert, centered and loving towards oneself and others. It aligns, strengthens and cleans all our chakras, opens the heart and connects us with our 'Higher-Self', wisdom, bliss and a deep peace within -. 'Om Shanti'!
This Flowers' mix is for people who are interested to awake and express the creativity within themselves.
It helps to clear up judgments and self doubts, strengthens our self worth feelings and increase qualities such as child like innocence and spontaneity. It helps to overcome shyness and allow us to acknowledge and dare to express joyfully our unique way of creativity.
This Flowers' mix brings lightness to one's outlook on life. It helps dissolving anger, depression, judgment and over seriousness into humor and laughter.
By re-connecting us with childlike qualities such as innocence and spontaneity these flowers support self love and misidentification with the dramas of our life, invite  Light, Love, Life and Laughter! 
*We use DHL couriers to ensure quicker and safer delivery of  the essences.
The delivery could take upto a maximum of 7 working days starting from the day we receive the payment.
The price includes the shipping.

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Energetic Jewelry
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Energetic Jewelry Energetic Jewelry
Energetic Jewelry
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Energetic Jewelry Energetic Jewelry