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Vibrational Healing- In tune with your natural blissful self!
1 day workshop

One day of self-healing, learning to read your own Aura, using the Buddhafield flower essences and Cards to heal, strengthen and balance your chakras and life energy flow, bring light into the main issues in your life and support your love and meditation.

The 33 Buddhafield Flower Essences are the most subtle vibrations of flowers. By flooding our energy bodies with the beautiful vibrations of a higher consciousness, they melt the tensions from our different chakras and subtle bodies.
They support a deep relaxation within, meditation and the connection with your Joyful celebrating self!
The Buddhafield Flower Essences and the flowers cards were created by Sambhavya in Osho Resort in the 90's and are highly charged with the vibration of the Buddhafield, inspired by the master Osho and the thousands of people who came from around the world.

"…That meeting with the flower can become
a glimpse into the cosmos,
because a flower is not just a flower.
It is the whole cosmos grown into a flower,
the whole cosmos becomes a flower.

You are also not just a human being,
the whole cosmos has become consciousness in you;
that too is a flowering.

And when these two flowers meet,
that meeting is ecstatic, blissful

and through that meeting
you for the first time become aware of a
nonverbal existence.”

OSHO - That Art Thou #47


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Vibrational Healing with Flowers -1 day Workshop
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Vibrational Healing with Flowers -1 day Workshop