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Individual sessions can support a profound healing that clears the main issues in your life.

1.5 hours session includes:
  • A personal Energy Reading of your Aura using the Buddhafield Flower Essences.
  • Looking at the issues that are present in your life.
  • 'FLOWERPUNCTUR'- A Profound Healing and balancing all charkas and subtle bodies, using Buddhafield flower essences.
  • Choosing the most appropriate essences for you.
  • You will get your special mix of flowers to drink for the following weeks.
 Some of us wonder “Why with so many years of therapy and meditation, I am not quite there, where I think I should be…a bit more balanced, less disturbed, more calm and relaxed, more blessed…some issues are not really resolved yet after so many years of working on it.”

There are issues which are attached to our different subtle bodies, like dry leaves on a tree, waiting for a soft light wind to move and clean them out, so more space can be created for fresh new leaves to grow…

The Flower Essences of the Buddhafield™ work to help dissolve deep wounds from the past, where ancient issues were imprinted.  The Essences also brush and clean away issues that we have already addressed, but for some reason (stubbornness or old habits) they are still hanging around.

The issues could be manifest in different imbalances:
Being too restless/pushy or too relaxed/lazy. 
It can manifest in problems with our creative life,
our sex/love life or in our basic relating to ourselves and to the people around us.
Flower essences of the Buddhafield can help with:
  •  sleeping problems,
  •  chronicle tiredness,
  •  emotional and mental imbalances,
  •  self-love, self-acceptance and self confidant
  • strengthening and balancing the nervous and immune system
  • prevent diseases- can be used as Anti-Aging!
  •  hyperactivity and ADHD,
  •  releasing nervous habits such as smoking and obsessive over eating,
  •  assisting in sexual problems,
  •  help women in fertility, monthly period, cysts, and during menopause time.
  •  They can also support individuals and couples in time of crises.
 The Buddhafield flowers are a gift of nature that helps to harmonize our energy in a natural way and creates attunement with existence itself.
They help dissolve tensions from the different subtle bodies and raise our vibration to a higher consciousness and as a result we can see and understand our imbalances, let them go and find our natural self, ‘The Buddha Nature’, and with it our joy and bliss in our day to day life.

 :Some Sharing from Sophie

First week after session I had several dreams and on the fourth night I woke up Laughing….I haven’t been laughing in dreams for many years ! Now I sleep very very deep and Good

I have been more gracius to myself and other`s around me

I feel more calm and relax about things happening around me

I have been more kind to my family at home. No fights with the kids and they are more loving against me

Sometimes out walking I can feel my body strengthen out. I feel like an Avatar. 3 meters tall, high above ground and just floating when I`m walking. A very special feeling . After a talk with Sambhavya she explained it to be the essence helping me to deeper Consciusness 

One of the Flowers I got in my mix where for the Heartopening

I can really feel me softer in the heart and have more easy to tears and that is so good. I have some sorrow I have to get rid off and it`s coming  

I am so very Thankful for this opportunity is given me to meet Sambhavya and her BuddhaFieldFlowersEssense

From my heart I can recommend YOU to have a session with Sambhavya 

With All Love


From  Sweden. 
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FLOWERPUNCTURE - Individual Session
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FLOWERPUNCTURE - Individual Session
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