This course is a deep healing, transforming and empowering process, a journey through our 7 chakra system. You will be supported to wake up your life energy and open yourself to a higher sensitivity and awarness. You will learn to connect with the wisdom of your heart, with your higher potential and new creative possibilities in your life.
You will learn different techniques to keep your inner balance, and get fresh perspective about your life and your intimate relationships. You will learn how to live and create your life in love and freedom.
The Buddhafield Flower Essences™ will be used to embrace and support your process.

3 parts/ 3 weekends
Each part can also be learnt by itself.
Part 1
Celebrating your Life Energy
Life energy and Sexual de-conditioning
  • Wake up and open your life energy!
  •  Learn to listen, respect and love your body. Heal and free it from old conditioning and habits.
  •  Explor your sensuality and the different senses.
  • Expirience what healthy sexuality is and discover the Tantric woman/man within yourself.
  • Strengthen your grounding and connection to Mother Earth.
  • Relax and feel at ease with your survival
  • Discover the higher potencial of your creative energy!.
Part 2
Relationship and Spiritual Maturity
'The inner child'– Emotional balance
  This is the heart core of the transformational journey which supports a deep healing and a new kind of relationship with yourself and others..
  • Let go of suffering in co-dependency as you release major traumas of your past.
  •  regain your innocence through healing your inner child,
  •  meet your strength and power within
  • Inner Transformation through emotional and energy balance work
  • Discover the bliss within while  in love and  aloness.
This process is called ‘De-hypnotherapy'- On one hand, healing the inner child, releasing traumas of the past and regaining our innocence.
On the other hand strengthening the adult in the present moment, and creating harmonious Relationship between them both.
 This process strengthens your self-worth and invites a good foundation for a healthy relationship with self and other.
You will learn to let go of the suffering that comes from living in dependency on your beloved ones.
This process will improve the intimate relationship with yourself, your parents, your children, and will invite more balanced and loving relationships in your life.
Part 3
The Power of Love and Meditation
  • Open and heal your heart and self-confidence as you-
  •  Look at your 'power issues' and judgments-find your real Strenght!
  • Discover the power of love and the essence of meditation.
  • Connect to your wisdom, intuition, humor and trust in life.
  •  Practice unconditional love, both giving and receiving.
  • Expirience your inner man/woman and the harmony within yoursef.
  • Find your passion- your creative power within.
  •  Learn how to create and live your life in love and freedom. 


"Maturity means gaining your lost innocence again, reclaiming your paradise, becoming a child again. Of course it has a difference, because the ordinary child is bound to be corrupted, but when you reclaim your childhood you become incorruptible. Nobody can corrupt you, you become intelligent enough. Now you know what the society has done to you and you are alert and aware, and you will not allow it to happen again.

Maturity is a rebirth, a spiritual birth. You are born anew, you are a child again. With fresh eyes you start looking at existence. With love in the heart you approach life. With silence and innocence you penetrate your own innermost core. You are no more just the head. Now you use the head, but it is your servant." Osho


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Healing the inner child Healing the inner child