I have developed my own ‘Flower Essences Energy Training’ in which we learn to experience and work with the subtle energies of the flowers and their transformative power as a  great support for meditation and your own flowering.

We will explore our sensitivity through different active and passive meditations and energy-work, while at the same time experiencing the subtle energies of the flowers and their transformative work.

We learn to use the essences for reading our and others ‘Energy Map’ and recognising the present issues a person is ready to deal with.

I found that ‘Energy Reading’ is a much more direct and profound way of diagnosing than choosing the essences through our mind, by reading the information that is given. Our minds can be very tricky in choosing or not choosing certain essences…Besides, I have experienced that energy reading is the most sincere way and there is real joy in the ‘energy to energy’, ‘being to being’ communication with flowers and people!

The Healing itself is done by placing the selected essence bottles on certain areas of the body. I call this “Flowerpuncture”, being similar to the work of needles in acupuncture.

As the tensions in our different chakras, subtle bodies and meridians start melting, it leaves us in a deep state of relaxation and meditation, where profound healing and alchemical transformation takes place.

Drinking a mix of these chosen essences for a period of time deepens the understanding of our specific issues and integrates the healing process.

In the training, we learn the art of being an Open Channel – like a sensitive pendulum, a medium for the magical healing work of the flowers. The process provokes a great deal of expansion and increased sensitivity. It is an initiation into a new dimension of Communion with Existence.
“Healing is one of the most delicate dimensions and the delicacy consists in the healer not doing anything in it. The healer is not really a healer because he is not a doer. Healing happens through him. He has just to annihilate himself. To be a healer really means not to be. The less you are, the better healing will happen. The more you are, the more the passage is blocked. God or the totality or whatsoever name you prefer, is the healer. The whole is the healer”.

Osho on healing from – ‘Beloved of my heart’.