For every flower there is a magic story how it came into my life...

ThunbergiaFor some flower essences I need to have somebody with me. For instance when I found Thunbergia, a flower which, as I later discovered, supports friendliness, the highest way of relating out of love and freedom, I got the message that I needed to call my good friend Varidhi. He and I started together the Meditation Center Osho Afroz in Lesvos Island in Greece. He was happy to come and sit with me when I was doing the essence. I needed his energy there.

Hibiscus-whiteFor another flower, the White Hibiscus, something else happened. I needed to get a new essence of the

purple lotus because I had run out of it (you know, there is the white, purple and pink lotus; all have to do with meditation, supporting different aspects.). So there I was walking with my bowl to the pond next to the Healing Department in Meera where the lotus was – and suddenly felt as if someone was holding my head between their hands, turning my head to the side. In front of my eyes was the White Hibiscus, a flower I had never seen before. I heard, “You do me today.” OK, I was ready anyway with my bowl. When I looked at the form of the flower I could see male and female in a Tantric position…

So there I am sitting with my bowl in the centre of the commune in full high season. Lots of people are walking around but it feels as if nobody notices me sitting there. Suddenly I am vibrating with the energy. It is an orgasmic energy which comes through me – very subtle. It is a beautiful, blessed moment. Suddenly some guy breaks the bubble and sits next to me. He hugs me and then sits together with me in meditation. He doesn’t know what is happening; but he is supportive…. After all, it is a Tantric flower; I need somebody next to me. After about half an hour we namaste; he gets up and leaves and I remain till the end until the water in the bowl is ‘cooked’ and becomes essence.

The next day I meet him by chance in the ashram and he says to me, “I don’t know what you did there, but it was beautiful. Thank you.” You see, I have been supported. For every flower I have been supported by people in the community, in different ways.

SpathodeaOn another occasion I met a woman in the ashram. She came up to me with a flower in her hand, a Spothodea. She was laughing so much and said, “Sambhavya, you have to check this one out!”

She was totally open because she had just done an intensive kinesiology workshop, yet at that moment I was not. Because to feel that flower, as I discovered later, one has to have gone through some clearing up of anger – I did not know I had this anger in me.

There I was standing under this very tall tree, looking up at the flowers, but I could not pick any flowers because they were too high up – and no flower would fall down for me. The tree was teasing me. I started to become angry and, of course, this was not the correct mood to work with a flower… The moment I wanted to give up and walk away, a whole flower shower fell over me. Suddenly I heard, “It’s for transforming anger. It’s for the rebel and it is to clear the rebel energy.” This flower clears it up. When you clear your belly from this energy a big laughter comes – a belly laughter, like that of the woman who had shown me the flower.

Oleander-yellowOn a recent visit to the Resort I was walking around Buddha Grove. Do you remember the bamboos? They called me and I opened up, looked, and they showed me this flower lying on the floor. I picked it up and immediately knew what it was about.

I had not made an essence in over ten years, so I understood that it had to do with the times we are living in now. It is a special era where a lot of people are ready to be pushed ‘off the cliff’. They have everything but they need a little push to be transformed into another consciousness, another vibration, a vibration that is effortless. Finished with effort! Let things just happen.

While travelling, wherever I go people need this flower very much. They say to me, “I am in a situation in my life where I do not know what to do next. I really feel I just need a little push.” This flower comes and heals. It is for empowerment and finding the king or queen in us, the power to do anything you like – without effort. Just by your presence things start happening around you. This is the Oleander. A lot of people have been transformed through this flower. When you start to take this flower you feel expanded and you are tuned into what is needed in your life. Lately, while travelling in Sweden and Denmark, I met many people where this flower has been very useful and supportive.

Many of these magic stories are described in my book, Communion with Nature. And there are more that need to be published.

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