It happened in Crete'- Greece. One day, during a very long walk in nature, I saw from far away this 'Yang woman-like' Pomegranate tree, waving in the wind, dressed in those red juicy, full of vitality flowers…and Ah! I felt to come closer… a pull from inside to be this woman – soft, receptive, sensual, dancing with the wind…
I followed my body and walked closer and then started swaying...
As the swaying took over more and more, I became her – suddenly I found myself lying on the earth, on my belly, open, vibrating and full of bliss…Later came the understanding –
Pomegranate flower can help women to accept and enjoy their vital, full femininity! It can be used for healing any sexual, emotional or physical problem around her feminine organs – cysts, irregular or painful menstruation or as support during menopause.
I prepared an essence out of a few flowers that offered them to me. From this potion many women have been benefited. Wherever I'm in the world, I often receive a request from women to leave some of these 'magic drops' before I leave. Their comments have been that reconnection with their joyful woman inside was attracting juicy men in to their lives!
Later on, I discovered in my individual sessions that men's energy also was calling for Pomegranate flower, to support the connection with their inner woman- her softness, embracing, loving,  wisdom and her healing capacity.
This 'inner marriage' with their inner woman was the beginning of the deepening of their meditation, a feeling of wholeness and self- contentment. Their outer relating with women became more harmonious too with the new understanding.
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