A voice from Training
Translation from Japanese:
Three years ago, accidentally, I read about Bach Flowers Remedies in aromatherapy book, “Heal your heart by flower energy”. This phrase attracted me so deeply and remained in me so deeply too.After sometime, I met Sambhavya’s essences,
Since I started to play with her essences, my heart started to open towards everything.I had often problems of communication, especially with people I don’t like.Now I am more relaxed with them.In me, acceptance of “People are just as they are” sprouts and expands.I started to love myself too.Now I am very curious to get the second level training.I am very curious to know more and more about myself.

-Yukino Tanaka-
A voice from Training
Although I have participated in so many workshops, I never felt really such a strong energy field as in this group.The Training last year with Sambhavya, amazed me so much, because I could feel everywhere among people ‘Buddhafield Energy’.It was not a slowly expanding energy field but it was already there completely.I was so amazed about Sambhavya’s work.
After the training, so many things started to change amazingly again and again.Communication with her essences made me feel more real about myself and relaxed with myself.It improved the communication with my family too.Before, I always had tension with them.I can’t describe it well as it is difficult to use words about my experience...
-Noriko Hasegawa- 
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