How it happended?
The idea of creating the Energetic Jewelry that contain the Buddhafield Flowers Essences ™
happened as an outcome of my healing sessions which I call 'Flower puncture'. During the session I use to put the essences' bottles on certain places on the client's body, leaving them there for a while till his/her energy gets balanced on all levels while deep healing is taking place.
I use to recommend for my clients that in addition to drinking the flower blend I prepared for them to take several times a day, they could also relax while sitting or lying down with the bottle on their body. This helps to accelerate and deepen the healing process.
Then came the idea…why not prepare a small essence blend in bottles, so people can carry them on their neck during the whole day long and even during the night…carrying the essences on the Aura can intensify the process of healing!

My first experiences with some of my clients were proving it to be true. Some of them said that it felt even stronger then drinking them!

My students in Japan that could not drink the essences officially as the Japanese law would not allow them to drink imported essences, caused me to think about some solution and I knew it should be aesthetic!

Then, Raanan my artist friend came up with an idea to make the small bottle as jewelry.
A man was found in "Mea Shearim", an old Jewish religious neighborhood in Jerusalem, and he is blowing glass bottles in artistic way, different size bottles, different forms, and each bottle is unique…Then, we found our friend Victor who was ready to prepare the special silver cups that seal the bottles.

The Flower Essences inside the bottles, I was creating for 7 years during the 90s in the 'Buddhafield'- Osho Commune International in Poona, India. The creation of these essences was inspired by the spiritual master Osho and thousands of people who came there to experience meditation and create a deep transformation in their lives. The flowers are filled with the high meditative vibrations of this magical energy field, so I called them "Flower Essences of the Buddhafield ™".

The Energetic Jewelry were created for the first time in June 2007.

In July they were already on their way to Istanbul, Turkey for the IBF- International Conference for Breath Workers. As these professional people experienced the powerful work of the essences, 33 pieces of energetic Jewelry were sold within days!
A year later -2008, in Amsterdam, the famous new age magazine -HAPIPINEZ bought several hundreds of the Jewelry- See photo. Since then many have been sold all over the world.
How do I create the Jewelry? see very special video

Below is a letter I received from Frauke, an amazing beautiful woman from Austria, I met at the Breath Conference.

The story of Frauke Binder from Austria about the Energetic Jewelry:

The first time I got to know Sambhavyas' Essences was on a big conference for Breath work. I was quite excited, under high tension and suffered from culture shock. It was also unusual for me to be with so many people at the same time. Sambhavya encouraged me to try the Anti-Stress Mix. I could feel the flowers working from the very first minute – it was like putting on a coat when you feel cold. Soon my tension was gone. I really felt protected by the flowers and even noticed it when I took the necklace off for a short time to go to the shower or to swim in the sea.

Back in Austria, I was so glad when the package from Israel came with the women's essence and the anti-stress! But I realized that I didn't need the stress-bottle any more, I simply "forgot" about it. Now it was time to try the women's. I was wearing it now for weeks and even forgot about it hanging around my neck. Again, I felt the support in all women's issues from the flowers, its subtle vibrancy worked without me noticing it and I also started attracting men.

Soon, I started ordering essences for my friends in Austria, among them the Healer's Essence. I was wondering what it was like and put it on for a few hours. But the essences are not for trying them out "just so"... After taking the necklace off my skin showed a red spot where the bottle had been hanging, and it took a while until it disappeared. My body had set a clear signal: I don't need this! And the flowers were probably also not amused being "tried out".

Wearing the essences is also taking into account that they are strongly working on the system, often without us noticing it. I sometimes only realized what kind of impact they have when I took them off. The flowers became protectors and supporters for me. And I know that I am settled when I just "forget" to put them on.

Meanwhile my friends report about the good energy of the flowers. My one friend (5 children, divorced, struggling to find herself as a woman again, not only as mother) reports, that she wears the women's pendant together with a rose quartz and she feels so supported in all women's matters. You should have seen her when she unpacked the essence - she was so much looking forward.
The other woman, my neighbor, goes with the anti-stress now that I loaned borrowed her to try. As I wrote to you she has a 19month old little boy and is pregnant, her partner left her. She feels calmer now; things that would make her feel set up are not that disturbing any more.
Frauke Binder
Hi dear,
I had a wonderful experience with the Healer's yesterday in the Salt-Grotto/Cave.
One of the women really felt very weak and slept the whole session.
I was in such a power-mood, ready to fill the whole room. And this multiplied with the essence. I could feel myself radiating healing power and everyone was so fine.
Also the tired women came up and thanked for this "truly healing session" - and invited me for a soup in the Hilton Hotel.
She stated that she is Jewish, and actually didn't feel like celebrating the New Year, but this would have been a true rebirth in the cave.
Meanwhile I was running on such a high level that I decided to take off the Healer's, this power was nearly too much. I offered her to take it on.
Then you could see us switching roles - I was becoming calm, quieter, relaxed, and nearly tired and she took on the power and stormed forward with the Healer's essence around her neck.
We parted in a wonderful mood, back was the Healer's at my neck and back was the power to me.
It was really an experience.
May the goddess bless you!
Dear Anand,
Thank you so much for the 'Healers', I work with it for 2 days now and it works fantastic!!
Lots of love,
A healer from Holland 2008
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