Innocence, ‘The Inner Child’

Powder Puff Red encourages child-like qualities, experiencing a deep acceptance of yourself, others and

life as it is! Innocence that is experienced by living without judgments or attachments and with non-seriousness, a feeling of self- sufficiency, cheerfulness and being uplifted through being centred.

Powder Puff Red strengthens the link between the hara, the heart and the ‘third eye’ chakras. It encourages clear communication as it stimulates the fifth chakra.

Powder Puff Red encourages the birth of the ‘Inner Child’ that results from the merging of male and female qualities in our hearts. This essence can also deepen a tantric meeting between two people.

Eventually, by bringing out our child-like qualities, Powder Puff Red helps us discover the ‘sage’ within and leads us into silence.