Sensuality, Sexuality, Relationship

Papaya is used to treat many different sexual problems – any sexual conditioning, sexual abuse or any problem around homosexuality etc. (very good to use in combination with Orange)

It is a mild aphrodisiac increasing sensitivity and sensuality in the entire body.

In a relationship, couples can use this essence for its tantric qualities. It increases their understanding of each other and, as it connects sex with the heart, it strengthens the energetic link between them.

Papaya helps us to relax tension in the unconscious mind, in the dream state, and in the physical body. It connects us with our higher selves to bring more understanding to daily life.

Telepathy and clairvoyant qualities are increased, and it is a good essence to use in hypnosis and for astral travel.

By stimulating the heart chakra this essence balances the male-female qualities within us.