My name is Ma Anand Sambhavya and I have been working with the Bach Flower Remedies since 1979. I have found Dr. Bach’s essences to be very helpful in balancing one’s mental and emotional patterns. I also experience them to be a door opening towards spirituality.

During these years, while using the essences, several times I became aware of a shift in my conscious vision, that brought me a much deeper understanding of the flowers, of myself and of the people around me.

So many times it passed through my mind: “Now, it is enough. It’s time to let go of the flowers”. But they wouldn’t leave me. They always arrived back in my life, unexpectedly.

At the same time, I have been growing through my own experiences in Osho International Multiversity in various therapy groups, meditations and trainings.

I have completed the following trainings-

-Holistic massage and Korean Acupressure in Los Angeles.
-Advanced Energy Work Training at Rajneesh International University in Oregon.
-Movement Therapy in Seattle.
-Hypnotherapy at The Hypnotherapy Institute of California.
-Reiki I & II.
-Hypnosis Training in Osho Multiversity, Pune, India.
In 1987, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I worked intensely, giving sessions and workshops using Back Flower Remedies and meditation to about 150 Psychologists. This raised the question ‘Is meditation beyond psychology?’ and resulted in an article in a new age magazine in Buenos Aires called “Uno Mismo”.

The answer was getting clearer, as I developed more understanding of my own personality and grew more sensitive through meditation, I began to be aware of my need and that of many fellow travelers for new kinds of flowers.

Flowers that can support our transition from therapy to meditation - taking us beyond psychology and helping us recognise our natural being.

In 1990, the year that Osho left his body, I was visiting the Osho Commune in Pune. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the decision came to close the Meditation Centre I was running in Tel-Aviv and to start living in the Commune full time. Shortly afterwards, I realised that the opening to the call of the new flowers had started.

Taken at the Osho Teerth - Nala Park: A Buddhafield

It has been an invitation...

As it happens, I find myself suddenly drawn to the beautiful park we have created here in the Commune, letting myself be led to a certain flowering plant or tree…

I experience in these moments tremendous sensitivity and heightened awareness - a space of ‘No Mind’ in which a silent communion with the flowers is possible and their message can be received.

Many times, a spontaneous singing and dancing with the flowers happens, my body feels openness and expansion which allows me to experience the especial healing qualities this particular flower has to offer.

Amazingly, I have often realised afterwards that the flower that was revealing itself to me was responding to a collective issue that was affecting many people in the Commune at that particular time!

Each preparation of flower essence has its own magical story, a profound experience that makes the Flower Essences of the Buddhafield especially powerful. These stories of ‘Communion with Nature’ are included in the last chapter of my book.

For years, I have been exploring and experimenting, on a daily basis, with the Flower Essences of the Buddhafield and have had the opportunity to observe their effect on myself and many other individuals. It feels that I have been doing the work of the alchemist, the ‘science of the inner’.

I also experienced how the essences can be very effective catalysts and a support to the process of integration when used collectively – in my groups and in different therapy, bodywork and meditation groups in the Osho Multiversity, and later on in many different countries while teaching around the world.

“…That meeting (with the flower) can become
a glimpse into the cosmos,
because a flower is not just a flower.
It is the whole cosmos grown into a flower,
the whole cosmos becomes a flower.
You are also not just a human being,
the whole cosmos has become consciousness in you;
that too is a flowering.
And when these two flowers meet,
that meeting is ecstatic, blissful
and through that meeting
you for the first time become aware of a
nonverbal existence.”

OSHO - That Art Thou #47