With the Buddhafield Flower Essences™
Prerequisite: Transformational Journey Course

Level 1: Self-Healing

40 hours/2 weekends

In this basic course you will learn how to balance and heal yourself, using the Buddhafield Flower Essences™. You will also be supported in learning to develop your sensitivity, self-esteem, intuition and your ability to love and heal yourself.

· Experience and learn about the different qualities of each of the 32 Flower Essences.

· Learn several methods of how to read your energy and choose the essences which will lead to a deep healing process concerning the different issues in your life.

· Study and experience the different qualities of the 7 chakras and how to balance them with the help of the flower essences.

· Practice different active and passive meditations, energy work techniques and ways to commune with nature.

Level 2: Energy Reading and Healing with the Buddhafield Flower Essences™

40 hours/2 weekends

The second level is for people who completed the first level and would like to learn the art of supporting other’s healing processes with the Buddhafield Flower Essences ™. It is especially recommended for healers and body workers who would like to support and enrich their work with the use of the Flower Essences.

· Learn how to read the condition of the aura and the different chakras of your clients. Learn how to find the appropriate essences that indicate his/her personal issues.

· Study 'Flower- puncture', the art of aligning the chakras and healing the different energy bodies with the use of the Flower Essences.

· Practice different healing techniques of balancing the aura and our yin/yang energy - The male and female aspects.

· Deepening our meditation, centring qualities, sensitivity and psychic abilities.

· Introduction to NLP, Trance and past-life work.

Learn about the relationship between the healer and his/her client.

Level 3:

12 hours

There will be a practice clinic, where we can learn together about different cases.

A certificate is available after the completion of the Transformational Journey course and all three levels (152 hours).
Ma Anand Sambhavya, has been an Osho therapist and healer since 1980. She has been leading Healing Trainings and courses of Spiritual transformation in many countries around the world - in Europe, USA, South America, Japan, India and Israel. She created the Flower Essences of the Buddhafield™, while living and teaching at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, India. 

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