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Flower essences for the New Man
Sambhavya, creator of the Buddhafield Flower Essences, talks to Punya- Osho News Online Magazin
The Pomegranate Story
'When the flowers shower...' magic flower stories
Taken from Sambhavya's book: "Communion with Nature"

I created the Buddhafield flower essences mainly in Osho International Commune in India, which is called "The Buddhafield", a very special place, filled with the powerful vibrations of meditation and higher consciousness, created by the presence of the spiritual master Osho and thousands of people who arrived to the place to support spiritual transformation in their lives.

The flowers that grew around the place were also observing the special energy and made the essences I prepared very potent.

For few of the essences I had to travel somewhere else, prepare it there and bring the essence to be charged at the Buddhafield. One of those flowers is the Pomegranate

The story of the Pomegranate
Some Magic Stories about the Buddhafield flowers
For every flower there is a magic story how it came into my life.
Here are some of them... 
My Training in Japan
My story in Japan
Sambhavya in Japan 1994
This combination of profound energy work and the experience of the essences in meditation, in the middle of nature, opens us all to a great sensitivity…and then this huge, solid rooted tree with its ‘wings’ reaching high in the sky, calling to share its blessing with us all… and then an experience of Godliness, being One in tears and laughter and gratefulness… left us all in peace and eternal vibrating silence… 
Energetic Jewelry -The Story
How it happended?
The idea of creating the Energetic Jewelry that contain the Buddhafield Flowers Essences ™
happened as an outcome of my healing sessions which I call 'Flower puncture'. During the session I use to put the essences' bottles on certain places on the client's body, leaving them there for a while till his/her energy gets balanced on all levels while deep healing is taking place. 
I use to recommend for my clients that in addition to drinking the flower blend I prepared for them to take several times a day, they could also relax while sitting or lying down with the bottle on their body. This helps to accelerate and deepen the healing process.
Then came the idea…why not prepare a small essence blend in bottles, so people can carry them on their neck during the whole day long and even during the night…carrying the essences on the Aura can intensify the process of healing! 

My first experiences with some of my clients were proving it to be true. Some of them said that it felt even stronger then drinking them!